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BurstPoint Unifies Enterprise Video Distribution

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BurstPoint officially launches today and the company wants to streamline and simplify enterprise video delivery. While BurstPoint has actually been in existence since earlier this year, it's choosing now for its official launch to coincide with the release of its Video Communication Platform (VCP). This platform offers a la carte hardware that lets companies start small and grow, combining high definition video-on-demand, videoconferencing, live streaming, and even digital signage.

BurstPoint is approaching enterprise video in a new way, says Tom Racca, the company's president and CEO, because it believes that video will soon be a mission critical application. The goal is to simplify the steps of capturing and distributing content.

VCP lets customers capture video with any device, whether a webcam or an existing videoconference system. They can then save and edit that video or stream it live. The system relies on delivery nodes to effectively use the corporate WAN while still streaming to tens of thousands of viewers.

Another feature that sets VCP apart is that it can tie in with an enterprise's digital signage system, creating a multiuse opportunity, says Racca. A store can stream sales information to its signage system during the day, then use the same signs for training videos after closing time.

Components in the VCP system include a system manager (around $20,000 or $40,000, depending on whether or not it includes fault tolerance), delivery nodes (around $6,000), encoders for live streaming (around $5,000), conference points to integrate videoconference systems, and display engines to pull in a digital signage systems. A manger and a node is all customers need to get started, says Racca, so a company can begin for under $30,000.

"You shouldn't have to change your infrastructure to support video communications," says Racca.

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