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Brightcove Offers Dual-Screen iPad Apps, Free App Cloud Edition

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Online video platform Brightcove has a few big announcements planned for its Brightcove Play 2012 conference, currently underway in Boston, Massachusetts. Brightcove is enhancing its App Cloud mobile app development platform with the Dual-Screen Solution for Apple TV. This lets developers create dual-screen experiences that synchronize content between an iPad and an Apple TV.

The dual-screen solution could be used to show social or shopping experiences on the app, while the television screen shows a movie or TV program. The solution will be part of the newly released App Cloud software development kit (SDK).

That's not Brightcove's only App Cloud news. It's also announcing App Cloud Core, a free version of App Cloud that lets developers use HTML5 and JavaScript to build Apple iOS and Google Android apps. This version includes an open source SDK, testing and debugging tools, compilation in the cloud, and real-time analytics.

Interested developers can sign up through the Brightcove site and download the SDK. Brightcove will make money by selling add-on services, such as detailed analytics that show exactly who's using the apps and when. Developers can also upgrade to the $99 per month App Cloud Pro, a new edition, to get push messaging, image transcoding, and content optimization tools.

"I think by making this capability free we enable people to experiment and try different ideas for very little financial risk," says Phil Costa, director of product management for Brightcove.

Watch the video below to see Jeremy Allaire, Brightcove's CEO, discuss the enhancements (video courtesy of Beet.TV).

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