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BrightRoll Adds Nielsen Ratings to Video Advertising Console

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Video advertising company BrightRoll announced that it is adding Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) to the programmatic buying console it introduced in October. The browser-based console was designed to give buyers quick access to a network of over 17 billion monthly ad opportunities. The Nielsen integration will let advertisers view real-time data and compare the success of both online and television campaigns.

“With Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings data in the BrightRoll console, advertisers are finally able to validate the effectiveness of their digital video campaigns across online and TV in real-time,” says Tod Sacerdoti, CEO and founder of BrightRoll.

Nielsen is making its capabilities available to the BrightRoll console via API. For Nielsen, this move helps it stake a claim in online video advertising.

“Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings is quickly becoming the standard audience measurement for digital advertising, and having its data integrated into a leading video advertising platform like BrightRoll is further proof of Nielsen’s marketplace momentum,” says Megan Clarken, executive vice president for global product leadership at Nielsen.

This isn't the first use of Nielsen data by the BrightRoll console. When it was launched, it used Nielsen OCR data for demographic targeting. In November, BrightRoll announced that the console delivered 2 billion video ads -- 14 million hours of video advertising -- in its first month.

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