BlackArrow Offers Ad Solution for Linear IP Pay TV Channels

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BlackArrow, which specializes in ad solutions for online television platforms, has announced BlackArrow Linear, which aims to take the complexity out of streaming linear TV content online. The industry is moving toward the linear IP delivery of pay TV channels, but managing ads for the online stream is a challenge. BlackArrow Linear offers a comprehensive platform that lets pay TV providers manage ad insertion when putting broadcast streams online. The platform dynamically inserts local and national ads into the live stream, replaces broadcast ads, delivers alternate content to geographically restricted areas or when content is blacked out, and allows for targeted ads. BlackArrow emphasizes that the linear offering can work in conjunction with other BlackArrow products to create a unified platform that includes analytics, rights management, and more.

At the same time, BlackArrow announced that it's collaborating with partners such as Elemental, Envivio, RGB Networks, and SeaWell Networks to drive integrations for IP TV solutions. The goal is to overcome the technical hurdles of inserting ads into live streams.

“BlackArrow Linear and the entire BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System enable the global pay TV industry to extend TV programming to new IP platforms,” says Chris Hock, senior vice president of product management and marketing for BlackArrow. 

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