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BitTorrent’s Project Chrysalis Alpha Arrives

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Press got a first look at BitTorrent's Project Chrysalis at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, and now BitTorrent users can try it out at home. Project Chrysalis is meant to transition BitTorrent from a file-exchange platform to a rich home-entertainment platform, where users can easily send files from their computer to their connected entertainment devices.

Before it gets to that stage, BitTorrent needs to refine the BitTorrent client to make it easy for non-techie people to use. To that end, the company has just released an alpha version of its Mainline client. The interface is radically different, highlighting the various built-in apps that people can use to download free content. Apps deliver not only music files, but videos and programs, as well.

Only Windows users running Internet Explorer 8 will be able to run the alpha client. Those interested can find the download link here. The company is asking for only active BitTorrent users to download the client. It would also like users to provide feedback on the alpha. BitTorrent has created a new area in its online forums where users can add their feedback and read up on known issues.

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