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BitTorrent Expands Apps Availability

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File-sharing technology company BitTorrent has been moving forward with apps, which bring users a specific video or application, for several months, and has now included the apps feature in its latest version of μTorrent for Windows.

To get the client, don't look on BitTorrent's site, but on μTorrent's own site. Go to the download page and make sure you're in the Windows tab.

The apps are part of the new App Studio, a development framework that programmers can use to create one-click BitTorrent access for consumers. Apps were launched in BitTorrent's Mainline client in September, when still a work in progress.

Included apps deliver recorded lectures from TEDTalks, films from VODO, and music from ClearBits. Other apps serve up the utilities TuneUp and BitDefender's VirusGuard, and games from Raptr and Outspark.

In addition to apps, BitTorrent is releasing the film Four Eyed Monsters through peer-to-peer distribution, in partnership with VODO. It's a docudrama about a couple who meet and fall in love online, and it's available through BitTorrent's Mainline and uTorrent clients. BitTorrent and VODO have distributed other works, including The Yes Men Fix the World-P2P Edition, which has been downloaded over two million times and raised over $31,000 in donations and merchandise sales.

"Giving content creators a platform to connect with consumers is not only a step towards bridging the gap in the digital divide, but is also an evolution in new media distribution and business models," says Eric Klinker, CEO of BitTorrent. "Our work with partners like TuneUp and the creators of Four Eyed Monsters are significant steps in helping improve the discovery, distribution, and delivery of digital media."

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