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Binge Watching Usually Limited to 2 or 3 Streamed Episodes

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Binge-watching is a defining trend of our time, and thanks to a report from video optimization specialist Conviva we now have data showing how viewers watch multiple episodes.

While binge-watching is popular, Conviva found that most viewers don't watch many episodes in one sitting: 41 percent don't watch more than 1 episode at a time, 24 percent watch 2, and 22 percent watch 3. That means 87 percent watch 3 episodes or fewer of a show at a time. While the term "binge-watching" calls up an image of viewers watching 10 or more episodes in massive all-day viewings, Conviva found that only 1 percent watches that many at a time.

When viewers binge, they usually stream their content: 61 percent stream shows, 11 percent download shows and watch them offline, and 28 percent do both. Viewers prefer a big screen when binging: 37 percent watch on-demand pay TV content, 36 percent use a set-top box, and 60 percent use their computer. While 32 percent use a tablet, only 26 percent will binge-watch on a phone.

If not all the episodes of a series are available for binging, 42 percent of viewers will start another series, 25 percent will hunt the missing episode down, 22 percent will wait for the episode to show up, and 4 percent will lose interest. Of those who stopped binge-watching a series, 45 percent said they were very likely to return, and 29 percent were likely.

Conviva got its results by surveying 750 26- to 34-year-old viewers in mid-2015. Download the full report for free (registration required).

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