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Audible Magic Releases TV Advertising ACR Solution

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Automated content recognition (ACR) company Audible Magic has come forward with two announcements today, the first a content detection system for advertising. Part of the company's AdMagic suite, the ad detection system lets marketers identify the ads viewers see, and then offer targeted second-screen promotions. Viewers could get special offers on their mobile devices in real-time as a TV ad plays.

Prior to launching this component, Audible Magic has created a database of over 25,000 TV commercials. The company says the solution will detect TV commercials for linear TV, over-the-top video, and video-on-demand, so it works even when the viewer isn't watching live programming.

Audible Magic has also announced that its service can now detect video as well as audio. Using SmartID Video technology, developers can build solutions that use video fingerprinting or a combination of audio and video fingerprinting.

SmartID video is built on an image processing algorithm that requires only a few video frames for identification, Audible Magic says. Because it integrates with the company's current SDK and API, the company promises it will be as scalable as the current audio fingerprinting.

Audible Magic will show up both technologies Tuesday and Wednesday at the TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco, California.

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