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Aspera Makes Large File Transport Easier With Aspera Files: IBC

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Aspera has launched its software-as-a-service option, called Aspera Files, and IBC attendees can get a first look at it. While Aspera has a portfolio of products all designed to move large files from one location to another, Aspera Files simplifies sign-up and gives customers flexibility in how they store their content.

Aspera Files adds a web application layer to the company's high-speed file transfer program, letting customers sign up and be operational in minutes. The simple user interface lets customers drag-and-drop content, making transfers as simple as sending email. Files can be of virtually unlimited size, says Aspera vice president of marketing Richard Heitmann.

Aspera Files gives customers the convenience of deciding how they want to store their files, and of combining multiple storage options. Files can be stored locally, on the cloud for faster transfers, or on Aspera transfer servers attached to the data center for greater security. With Aspera transfer servers files don't need to be uploaded to the cloud first, but are streamed directly. Aspera's cloud-based on-demand service runs on any major cloud platform, including Google, Azure, and AWS.

Security is another benefit to Aspera Files. The content owner gives access to a specific community of users, all of whom can be in different locations. The only way to access shared files is with a supplied key. Aspera uses its own proprietary security technology.

"I think it’s a breakthrough technology that allows sharing of any size file over any distribution quickly, securely, within a community of authorized users," Heitmann says. Media and entertainment is the strongest vertical for Aspera, but life sciences is gaining traction, especially for researchers working with large DNA sequencing files.

At its Hall 7 booth, Aspera is also showing the latest development in its FASPStream technology. FASP is Aspera's technology for moving large data quickly, and FASPStream is an advance that bypasses the file system to allow for application to application connections. FASPStream now moves files in byte-order sequence, giving broadcasters the option to live stream video over the public internet. The booth demo shows a live 1080p stream from New York City's Times Square, which has been run through a compact encoder and streamed to Amsterdam. Aspera is pitching the technology as a cost-saving alternative to satellite trucks. The company says it offers low latency and short start-up times.

"FASPStream is our new bulk data streaming technology that delivers data at high speed over low bandwidth connections in byte-order sequence, allowing you to do things like live video streaming over low-bandwidth/high-latency connections," Heitmann says.

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