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Apple Devices Enjoy Strong Streaming Video Growth, Says Adobe

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With Apple's next WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) starting on Monday, Adobe chose today to release some choice stats about Apple device streaming performance. The news is good for Apple, but bad for Android.

Using viewing data for billions of visits gathered by Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe shows that Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad are gaining in overall share of total video views, while Android shares are flat.

Looking at TV Everywhere authenticated streams (where it has the richest data), Adobe finds that iOS views grew from 43 percent in Q1 2014 to 47 percent in Q1 2015. Android stayed flat at 15 percent. Browser use dropped sharply, while TV connected device use exploded from 6 percent to 24 percent.

When it focused on device views for Q4 2014 and Q1 2015, Adobe finds that Apple TV's share doubled from 5 percent to 10 percent. That shows, explains Adobe Digital Index principal analyst Tamara Gaffney, that a lot of people got Apple TVs under the tree.

Adobe data shows Wednesday as the most popular night for streaming. Gaffney thinks this could shake up TV's stronghold of movie studios advertising during Thursday night primetime, and that those advertisers might choose to plug their movies on social networks Friday afternoons, instead.

While Adobe is releasing data in anticipation of Apple TV news, that news might have to wait. Multiple sites are reporting that Apple had planned to unveil a subscription TV service and new Apple TV hardware at the WWDC, but that both announcements aren't quite ready and are being held. The rumored problem with the subscription service is that Apple hasn't been able to negotiate live local TV rights for the major networks across the country. Supposedly the service will debut later this year or in 2016.

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