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Amazon Scores Big With HBO Original Content Exclusive

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Amazon announced an exclusive deal with HBO today that will bring many original HBO titles to Amazon Prime Instant Video. It's a significant win in Amazon's battle with Netflix for premium content. Amazon also announced that HBO Go will be available on the Fire TV set-top box this year.

What makes this content deal so eye-opening is that this is the first time HBO has licensed its original programming to a subscription video-on-demand service. The deal includes the series "The Sopranos," "Six Feet Under," "The Wire," "Big Love," "Deadwood," "Eastbound & Down," "Family Tree," "Enlightened," "Treme," and early seasons of "Boardwalk Empire" and "True Blood." The miniseries "Angels in America," "Band of Brothers" and "John Adams" are also included, as well as original comedy specials by Lewis Black, Ellen DeGeneres, Louis CK, and Bill Maher.

The HBO content will debut on Prime Instant Video on May 21. Other titles, such as "Girls," "The Newsroom," and "Veep" will be available at some point in the future.

HBO Go, HBO's video-on-demand service for subscribers, will launch on the Fire TV by the end of the year. HBO Go includes access to over 1,700 titles, including original series, documentaries, films, and more.

An Amazon Prime subscription goes for $99 per year and includes free two-day shipping for most Amazon purchases.

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