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AllDigital CMS Gains Iris.TV Video Recommendations

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AllDigital, which makes the AllDigital Cloud content management system (CMS), announced that customers will now be able to use Iris.TV recommendations within the AllDigital platform. Putting the emphasis on simplicity, AllDigital says recommendations will work automatically within the platform. The CMS will analyze each viewer and create tailored recommendations. The company promises the system will increase both viewing time and the number of targeted ads delivered.

“The partnership will give AllDigital clients and major media companies the ability to enhance the value of their content and audiences by connecting the right piece of content to the right viewer," says Richie Hyden, Iris.TV's chief operating officer.

The AllDigital Cloud platform includes storage, encoding/transcoding, video-on-demand, and linear streaming. The platform can be used in the cloud or on-premises.

Iris.TV's Adaptive Stream software matches video content and ads with viewer preferences. The company describes the experience as "television-like." Its recommendations work across all devices.

Because of the partnership, AllDigital has already secured a "major media and entertainment brand" as a new client, says Tim Napoleon, the company's chief scientist, although he declined to name the company.

Iris.TV announced a partnership with Unicorn Media in October, 2013, to deliver targeted ads. The company launched earlier that month with $1.7 million in seed funding from angel investors.

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