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Akamai's Cellular Video Solution Now in Trials With 5 Carriers

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Akamai announced today that its Predictive Video Over Cellular solutions are in trials with five mobile network operators (MNOs). Using these tools, MNOs can better use off-peak cellular bandwidth, Akamai says, providing a smoother mobile video experience and managing demand for video traffic. Several studies in the past year have shown the rapid growth of mobile video viewing, and predicted that it will grow far higher in the near future. Akamai's solutions aim to help MNOs meet that growing demand.

The Predictive Video Over Cellular solution works by predicting cellular traffic loads and viewer preferences, and analyzing content recommendation engines. It pre-positions selected HD videos on the subscriber's mobile device. Akamai uses Nokia's Liquid applications to get real-time cell load information and understand when the best time is to download new content for customers.

One company trialing the solution is EE, which operates in the U.K. According to Matt Stagg, the company's principal network strategist, creating a 4G network led to a huge demand in mobile video from customers. He sees Akamai's solution as an innovative way to make the network more efficient while improving the customer experience.

Akamai didn't list the other four MNOs trialing the Predictive Video Over Cellular solutions.

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