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Akamai and Aspera Partner for High-Speed File Transfers

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Akamai customers stand to benefit from a partnership between the CDN and high-speed file transfer specialist Aspera. Akamai and the IBM-owned Aspera announced that Akamai customers can now select a high-speed option for uploading and distributing rich media with the Akamai Intelligent Platform. The option integrates Aspera's file transfer technology into Akamai's cloud-based online storage platform NetStorage. The two companies promise customers will see considerably faster transfers no matter the size of the file or the distance it's being sent.

The partnership integrates Aspera's FASP technology into NetStorage, offering a speed benefit without the need to change the customer's video workflow or create custom API calls. Akamai notes that NetStorage is secure and that uploaded content is automatically stored in multiple geographic locations for safety. Distributed content is then sent from the nearest server, when requested.

One company that's already using Aspera with Akamai is DramaFever, an online video company that streams ad-supported international programming.

“Since adding Aspera’s Upload Acceleration to our Akamai storage platform, our upload speeds have improved substantially and we’re realizing new efficiencies in our content workflow,” says Seung Bak, DramaFever's co-founder and co-CEO.

Akamai and Aspera will demo the accelerated transfers at NAB in booths SL4525 and SL8511.

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