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Akamai Announces UltraViolet Solution at CES

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LAS VEGAS—Akamai announced three new solutions announced at the the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES): Availability of Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming on the Akamai HD Network, availability of Akamai SecureHD, and availability and use of Akamai’s solutions for UltraViolet. All of these have relevancy to anyone streaming content according to Kris Alexander, Akamai's chief strategist for connected devices and gaming.

In what it is calling the "hyperconnected world," Akamai says it has pinpointed the standardized delivery, security, and removal of risk around new business models as critical to success, especially with regard to Hollywood content.

The company identifies the increasing importance and value of cloud access and storage of digital assets, and says it is addressing the challenges with multi-device connectivity within the entertainment industry—specifically entitlement for assets on any device, monetizing content, common HTTP streaming formats, and protection of premium content assets. As of today, the Akamai HD Network will offer HTTP Dyanamic Streaming (HDS) by default; Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Microsoft Smooth Streaming are also available to Akamai customers.

"Today’s hyperconnected world is radically changing the business of media and entertainment,” Alexander says. “Technology advancements and rapid consumer adoption have created an environment where delivering a secure, high-performing consumer experience on any device is critical.

"Cloud computing, ubiquitous connectivity, and the increasing consumption of IP video are driving content providers to move more applications to the cloud and users to expect access to content on multiple devices.”

He added: “As the entertainment industry expands its digital footprint, there’s an increasing amount of opportunities, new business models and innovation that bring with it potential business threats. Akamai’s SecureHD addresses these issues and provides security for live and on-demand streaming content across multiple devices, formats and run-times.” SecureHD protection is fourfold: content tarteting, media encryption, player verification, and token authorization.

Akamai's solutions for UltraViolet delivery, security, and entitlement across formats and connected devices is now available and being used by studios, the company said. The solution is claimed to reduce the complexity for studios for getting UltraViolet-enabled content to market.

“Our ultimate goal is alleviating the technology hurdles so the consumer experience is more seamless and inviting, and studios and retailers can take advantage of UltraViolet quickly,” said Alexander.

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