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Adobe Announces Flash Media Server 4.5 on Amazon Web Services

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In a blog post, Adobe senior product manager Kevin Towes announced today that Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 is now available on Amazon Web Services. He also notes that pricing per instance hour has been reduced by as much as 10 percent.

The latest version of FMS brings some significant feature upgrades, including Apple HLS live and on-demand streaming to Apple iOS devices, live HTTP streaming on Amazon CloudFront CDN, protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming for Flash, Dynamic stream packaging for single source video output to Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming and Apple HLS, and video origin hosting.

Check out the FMS 4.5 page for the full list of features. Towes notes that SIP and IP Multicast aren't yet available with Amazon Web Services.

Adobe first offered FMS on Amazon Web Services in 2010. It's taken off with people starting a business, creating social apps or games, and streaming HD video, says Towes.

The marquee feature here, live HTTP streaming to Flash and iOS devices, is the result of work between Adobe and the Amazon CloudFront team, notes Towes. It's possible thanks to Amazon CloudFront removing the sixty minute expiration period, and allowing a minimum time-to-live value of as low as zero seconds. Amazon made the announcement on March 19.

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