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Adblock Rates 10% to 30% Globally, Finds JW Player Report

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How common are ad-blockers? In a report that analyzes data collected through July, video player company JW Player says between 10 and 30 percent of people use them in different countries. Users turn to them to take back control over their online video experiences and because they're disturbed by intrusive banner ads, JW Player said in a press statement.

The report finds that mobile video views are growing, but mobile advertising isn't keeping pace. JW Player finds that 30 percent of online video viewers use a smartphone, while 6 percent use a tablet. Despite that, only 10 percent of ads use HTML5, which displays on all mobile browsers. The vast majority of ad impressions use the VPAID standard, which is Flash only. Google's DART is the most popular ad server in the JW Player ecosystem, with 35 percent of all impressions. It's followed by Facebook's LiveRail with 24 percent.

JW Player looked at browser use and notes that Chrome is the clear leader, currently with 57 percent of the market. Safari has 11 percent, IE and Edge combined have 10 percent, and Firefox has 9 percent.

The report, Trends in Online Video 2015, is free to view (no registration required). It comes from JW Player's analytics service, which has measured over 10 billion video plays initiated by over 1 billion unique viewers.

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