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Adap.TV Offers Precise Page Placement and Player Type

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Companies advertising with online video know the pitfall: sometimes their ads end up showing on inappropriate sites, or far down on pages where they're unlikely to be seen. Adap.TV is turning that problem into an opportunity, and has announced enhanced filtering capabilities that allow advertisers to specify exactly what they want.

The changes are found in the Adap.tv Marketplace, where ad buyers can now select the type of video content and the player that their ad will play on, as well as exact page placement. This kind of transparency seems essential if major advertisers are going to trust their budgets to online video.

Other filters in the Adap.TV Marketplace let buyers choose the audiences they want to target and the video quality: they can select professional, semi-professional, and user-generated content. They can also specify if their ad shows on computers, mobile devices, or connected TVs; and whether it plays automatically or only when selected.

"As buyers, we need to know precisely what we're buying, not only to know we're paying an appropriate price, but to assure that we're delivering the quality placements our clients' desire," says Coleman Engellenner, director of advertising for Apollo Interactive. "Adap.tv's buy-side tools remove the unknowns, instilling greater confidence in our online video investments."

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