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AdGent 007 Announces Pre-Stitial Ad Network

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The "pre-stitial" ad must be the current hot opportunity. Earlier today, ShortTail, which provides that type of video ads, announced a partnership with TidalTV. Now, AdGent 007 has announced an ad network to serve pre-stitials.

A pre-stitial is a video ad that plays before viewers can go on to the Web page they actually wanted. Sometimes a pre-stitial will need to play out entirely, often around 10 seconds, before the viewer can go on. More often, they carry a close window check box so that the viewer doesn't get frustrated by the host site.

AdGent 007 is an oddly named social media and advertising company based in Palo Alto, California. Its new advertising division is called America's Video Ad Network. It promises to let advertisers target unduplicated viewers who are browsing content from top-tier publishers.

"We are confident the unique pre-stitial video ads will attract major advertisers where site, sound, and motion are vital to grabbing consumer interest," says Cameron Yuill, AdGent 007's founder and CEO.

"From an advertiser perspective, our publisher audiences tend to be more affluent, educated, and business-related. We are aggregating audiences into a network that advertisers can target at significant scale with high impact video messaging," says Yuill.

AdGent 007's pre-stitial video ad network is powered by ShortTail's D:30 platform.

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