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65% Watch Video-on-Demand, Finds Nielsen Global Viewing Survey

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In an effort to understand how TV viewing habits are changing, the measurement specialists at Nielsen surveyed over 30,000 people in 61 countries and asked about their choices. It found that 65 percent of people around the world watch video-on-demand in some way.

The survey looked at different age groups to learn their attitudes toward paid services. It found that teens (generation Z, ages 15-20) were the most likely (40 percent) to say they plan to drop traditional pay TV service in favor of online-only options. Young adults (millennials, ages 21-34) were slightly less willing at 38 percent, and generation X (ages 35-49) were at 30 percent. Seniors (those over 65) had little interest in going online-only, at 9 percent.

Generation X respondents were the mostly likely to pay for cable or satellite service at 77 percent, while even teens signed on at 70 percent. Seniors had the lowest rate for cable and satellite, at 63 percent.

When it comes to paying for an OTT service, teens and young adults are the most likely to sign on, with 31 percent of each group currently paying for some type of streaming service. Seniors had the lowest rate of OTT adoption at 6 percent.

In all, 26 percent of respondents pay for some type of streaming video service. Paid streaming was most popular in North America, where 35 percent pay for one or more services. Only 11 percent of Europeans said they paid for a streaming video service.

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