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axle ai 2020 Remote Access Software

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axle ai 2020 is affordable remote access software that lets your team work on shared media files, from wherever they are.

  • AI-powered video search
  • Browse your video, images, and audio files
    from any web browser, in the office or home office
  • Automatic Transcription
  • Automatically tag faces and objects
  • Integrated Adobe Premiere Panel
  • Support for Apple FCPX and Avid
  • Media Composer
  • Supports local, networked and cloud storage

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Product Use

axle ai scans your storage and makes low-res H.264 proxies of all your media, then streams them to where you are. It works with nearly any storage: hard drives, cloud storage, RAIDs, network attached storage, even SANs. Anyone can use it; if you’re familiar with Dropbox or Google Drive, you already know how to use axle. Don’t just stream video: put it to work for you and join the future of media, with axle ai 2020.

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Product Target Market

Join our over 600 customers, including sports venues and teams, churches, universities, governments, corporate video teams, post houses, broadcasters, eSports organizers and YouTube creators. With the changes brought by COVID-19, everyone’s streaming and there’s a real need to manage all the content being generated. Complex, old-school systems used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to accomplish this task, but now we’re bringing AI-powered search and remote management to anyone with a web browser.

Axle customer American Public Broadcasting was able to transition from an on-site workflow to remote work almost overnight when COVID hit, with the whole team able to review and edit material, collaborate and get new versions out, all working from home. We’re proud to have them and other great customers like Elevation Church, Youngevity, Madison Square Garden, Coca Cola, and Tomorrowland music festival. Learn more at https://axle.ai/apt_remote_work and tinyurl.com/newnormalpanel.

Technical Specs

  • Remote media search and management
  • Radically simple browser interface
  • Powerful Google-style search bar
  • Batch metadata creation
  • Approvals, mark in/outs and selects
  • Optional visual workflow tool, connectr.ai
  • Automatic proxy generation

STARTING AT $295 PER MONTH | 1 (617) 262-9222 | INFO@AXLE.AI

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