VisualOn Inc.: Executive Predictions 2019

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Live streaming will continue to gain momentum next year, with applications ranging from social media, gaming, sports, news, live events, marketing, education, corporate communications, customer support, training to eCommerce. Market estimates are >$70B by 2021 and Cisco predicts that 13% of internet traffic will be attributed to live streaming by 2021.

In addition to the usual challenges faced by VOD streaming services, including customer expectations of stable playback without the need for re-buffering and dealing with fragmentation in:

  • Platform (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and browsers)
  • Device (smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, smart TVs, STBs, streaming players and game consoles) 
  • Service (DASH, HLS, compression, advertisements, DRMs and security levels) 

Live streaming also faces particular challenges in scalability and ad-insertion as well as stringent requirements on playback timing (latency and synchronization). The client-end solution plays an outsized role in addressing these challenges, e.g., data from AWS Elemental shows that the media player accounts for 50% of latency.

As live streaming becomes more and more popular, viewers have come to expect the same user experience as broadcast TV. While it’s not difficult to improve a single measure, like latency, that alone does not address other key factors that impact user experience, such as re-buffering and bitrate adaptation. It takes expertise accumulated over years of supporting the most demanding and successful streaming services to optimize the entire user experience. 

We at VisualOn, the most trusted client streaming media solution provider for top media companies worldwide, continue to work closely with our customers to deliver cutting-edge technologies like low-latency, synchronized playback, fast channel switching and video quality enhancement to provide a compelling solution for our customers. Our real-time User Experience Monitor tracks sessions down to each individual stream to allow immediate resolution of service issues. It’s an indispensable tool for supporting the best live video experience.


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