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Verizon Media: View From the Top 2019

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One of the challenges continuing to face media and entertainment businesses is delivering personalized experiences with relevant advertising inserted seamlessly. While the industry is seeing an explosion of OTT products built for the “subscription economy”, there will continue to be ad-supported streaming products for a long time to come. Paying with time and attention exists on the same spectrum as paying with money, and this flexibility in monetization provides content publishers more options to deliver products at a variety of price points that will appeal to the broadest cross-section of consumers.

Consumers, on average, see around 4,000 advertisements a day. The constant bombardment of ads has naturally led to consumers tuning them out while simultaneously making it more challenging for advertisers to deliver their message. However, the promise of unicast delivery (i.e. streaming) over broadcast has always been the opportunity to target advertising to individuals and households. So, with ad-supported monetization still being a key consideration for publishers, it is in the publisher’s best interest to adopt highly personalized advertising to maximize their business outcomes; provide a better, more relevant experience for consumers; and provide a more effective channel for advertisers. Research from Epsilon found that 80% of consumers are more likely to make purchases resulting from personalized advertising.

Technologies like Smartplay, which is core to our Media Platform, are purpose-built to enable these outcomes. Streams are “sessioned” for each consumer; knowledge of device, geographic location, content preferences, viewing context, and, often, demographics are available (with compliance to privacy regulations); and ads are “stitched” into underlying streams seamlessly for a TV-like experience. Whether content is delivered live, linear or VOD, this 1-to-1 connection to each viewer provides the foundation for a great experience with improved monetization - which benefits all parties in the ecosystem.

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