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Tulix: View From the Top 2019

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In the last year we have seen our upward trajectory continue as the streaming revolution shows no signs of slowing down. We are starting to see developing areas of the world implementing streaming technologies and strategies, and this area has been a key part of our growth. The gap in the digital divide is getting smaller as high speed internet access start to reach every corner of the world.

On a technical front we achieved a number of significant milestones, including; the design and implementation of a 4K HDR live workflow for a leading sports broadcaster, and the successful launch of 8K playout to our service range.

Looking at the overall streaming market, we are starting to see streaming service providers splitting in to two distinct groups. On one side we are seeing service providers whom are typically focusing on the faith, beginner, and amateur broadcast markets. These groups of broadcasters tend to have fewer demands and compliance requirements when it comes elements such as SLAs, encoding, and latency — and more than often just need a simple, fast to turnaround, and inexpensive solution.

On the other side we are seeing service providers whom are focusing on a segment of the broadcast market that requires an outstanding delivery mechanism on the ingest side. Requirements such as; direct fiber, forward-error-correction systems, and multiple protocol support (including fragmented MP4 — which is required for 4K HDR, systems supporting SCTE 224, and proprietary protocols for displaying appropriate content based on device type, location, date and time, or any other criteria).

Tulix has a very unique approach for both markets, with distinct business units focusing on either side, but all elements housed within the same complex infrastructure. This allows us to utilize all features for either side of the market when needed.


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