Three Must-Read Enterprise Video Whitepapers

If you are in charge of IT or marketing for a company of more than 5,000 employees, we've got three whitepapers you should download today, courtesy of qumu.

Dynamic Collaboration in Sharepoint: Leveraging the Power of SharePoint to Deliver Enterprise Video Communications

Driven by the adoption of social collaboration tools and video applications for employees, today's SharePoint managers are under more pressure than ever before to deliver value. In many large companies, a SharePoint site is the central employee portal, and businesses are clamoring around solutions capable of extending the SharePoint investment to bring greater value to the organization.

In this paper, we analyze the deployment of scalable, controlled, and secure enterprise video within Microsoft® SharePoint®. The paper focuses on specific ways in which enterprise video technology can allow you to leverage video and rich media assets across your SharePoint sites.

Managing Business Video in the Cloud and Hybrid Clouds: Flexible Deployment of Business Video Extends Communication

The rise of remote workers, outsourcing, and globalization of operations is driving a desire for more personalized contact across geographic and cultural boundaries. Employees equipped with the ability to create and view video and related content on any device, anywhere, are more productive. Understanding the operational, technical and economic considerations for the use of Cloud based, or partially Cloud based, video communications services is becoming a priority in the executive suite.

Enabling Remote Employees with High-Quality Video: Intelligently Routing Video to Users in the Global Enterprise

Let's face it - video consumes more bandwidth than just about anything else, and just about any IT manager will say they have concerns about video on the corporate network. On the other hand, video is fast becoming the best way to enable remote employees to do their job, and remain competitive, with globally distributed workforces. The simple fact is that companies need to overcome barriers to leveraging video. Employees need access, and they need it from any device they choose to use.

In many companies, a central portal exists for employees to easily search for and view video and related content. Video is also being embedded in business-specific applications. But, once employees begin to access the video streams, IT struggles to make sure it plays seamlessly for everyone.

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