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Telestream: Executive Predictions 2019

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Streaming Into 2019: Three Predictions for a Transformative Journey

Research from several sources indicates that even five years from now streaming viewers will not have much more time to spend watching video than they do today. As the “fight for eyeballs” continues in 2019, video content providers will need to leverage efficient automated capabilities in the context of their existing highly complex workflows to keep their audience’s attention.

As video enterprises fight for eyeballs in a hyper-competitive environment while seeking to reduce cost, viewers will demand a flawless Quality of Experience (QoE) or they’ll change providers. 

To deliver on expectations, businesses will seek a direct relationship with customers. They’ll need to be agile in the ways content is offered for wide engagement. They’ll need to be efficient and include consumption-based media processing actions. They’ll need to be committed to quality—from production through delivery. 

For 2019, three factors will enable video providers to thrive: 

1) Hybrid Cloud Models Will Win Out 

Development of a cloud migration strategy will be key as businesses realize that resident solutions are impractical and not cost-effective. Hybrid deployment models will be critical during the multi-year transformation. Video enterprises need control over how media gets processed, over platform selection, and the flexibility of their infrastructure. 

2) Intelligent Workflow, Automation, and Quality Monitoring Are Priority

Elegant and efficient automation of decision-making and adjustment throughout the media supply chain—from self-diagnosis, rerouting streams, bursting channel availability and capacity will be critical to deliver the best QoE. Integration of live adaptive streaming production with live quality monitoring and analytics in a virtualized deployment is essential. 

3) Production to Streaming of Content Becomes Mainstream

Organizations outside of media and entertainment will expect the same level of video production quality and viewing experience for their consumers. Cost effective production tools and distribution platforms will be required to be competitive and exceed customer expectations.


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