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TalkPoint - View From The Top 2016

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HTML5 - Carpe Diem in 2017!

Although officially released in 2014 it wasn’t until 2016 that HTML5 had its coming of age. In the world of enterprise streaming and webcasting security trumps all. Snazzy bells and whistles and sexy play­er features shrink to insignificance when staring down the barrel of a gun held by the corporate security officer. Enterprise IT and multimedia professionals are continually walking the tightrope balancing between keeping up with the latest and slickest new technologies and keeping the enterprise information assets secure. Every conversation, sales pitch, and RFP in the world of enterprise streaming and webcasting starts and ends with security. The Chief Security Officer for the IT and Multimedia professional is considered the most important internal client in the enterprise.

Enter the Zero Day exploit! 2016 was the rise of HTML5 and the demise of Flash. One exploit too many has driven the industry to rethink its strategy. Firefox and Chrome have begun the process of blocking Flash. Some large enterprises have completely eliminated the use of Flash globally. The Corporate Security gods have spoken and Flash is now in the crosshairs; Flash is now a four letter word. HTML5 is here to stay and is winning the war in what is for now a zero sum game and a battle of attrition. It is the beginning of the end for Flash and end of the beginning for HTML5. The warriors @OccupyFlash are on the vanguard of the battle and it seems the day is theirs.

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