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Streaming Media 2024 Trendsetters: Intertrust MarketMaker

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Intertrust Media offers MarketMakerTM, a powerful platform integrating the robust capabilities of ExpressPlayTM to secure, manage, and monetize digital content.

MarketMaker: Innovating with Web3 Technology, MarketMaker leverages blockchain, token rights management, and smart contracts to create a secure environment for managing digital rights. MarketMaker supports new business models such as superdistribution and fractional ownership, providing new and continuous income streams for multiple parties.

Enhancing Fan Engagement: MarketMaker fosters deeper fan connections through distributed rights management and decentralized governance. Fans can invest in and support their favorite artists, shows, and more, improving engagement and community building.

ExpressPlay: As a component of the MarketMaker platform or a standalone solution, Expressplay offers a multi-DRM and anti-piracy service to protect premium content across platforms. With over 50 billion DRM licenses issued in three years, ExpressPlay ensures robust protection and scalability. Its forensic watermarking and global monitoring swiftly identify and mitigate unauthorized distribution, securing digital assets from piracy.

Scalable and Secure Distribution: The platform is built to handle high transaction volumes, ideal for live events and on-demand content. Its infrastructure supports advanced DRM technologies, ensuring content protection and integrity across devices. This scalability guarantees seamless distribution, regardless of audience size.

Adopting MarketMaker and ExpressPlay secures your content, maximizes revenue, and builds engaged communities. Embrace the next generation of content distribution and monetization with Intertrust Media.

For more information, visit www.intertrust.com/markets/media-entertainment

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