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Stream Monitoring Will Become Table Stakes in 2020

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2020 is set to become a pivotal year in the broadcast and electronic media markets. For some time, new technologies have been evolving that present radically different ways to produce and consume content at home and on the move.

We will see a growing trend where broadcasters will migrate parts of their complex production workflows at scale into the cloud, versus just net new projects. One of the big advantages of cloud-based operations is rapid scalability and we will see the move to capex light environments taking off. In today’s business environment, I believe that there is very little appetite for capex outlays in light of high cost of content.

In 2020, longtail content will increase in importance and urgency as content producers and aggregators spend more and more capital on new content creation/licensing.

2019 has seen the rise and rise of OTT services that meet the consumption needs of a new young generation. The fight for consumer attention will reach fever pitch and OTT streaming companies will partner with one another to create better scale.

In this environment, OTT streaming competitiveness will make stream monitoring table stakes for any competitive service. 2019 saw Telestream introduce a new and radically different approach to the channel creation challenge called OptiQ. Introduced at IBC, OptiQ Monitor enables OTT service to implement elegant monitoring capabilities within thin channels easily and cost-effectively – early 2020 will see the first commercial implementations of this.

Within the content distribution field, I believe that 2020 will be the breakthrough year for 5G. 5G will gain a significant hold and streaming video will become an anchor application in this new technology environment. 5G networks offer virtual CDNs and distributed processing environments to their operators – this will be a key enabler to new business models.


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