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Sorenson Media: View From the Top 2014

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4K/UHD is a hot topic in the video industry right now and presents video professionals with both problems and opportunities. Streaming of 4K/UHD is, relatively speaking, simpler than 4K/UHD broadcast from an implementation perspective, which is why the first 4K/UHD content to market is coming from streaming providers such as Netflix and YouTube. In the broadcast world there are many parts of the ecosystem that need to adapt – and that will take time.

With 4K/UHD video streaming there are far fewer hurdles. One of those hurdles is video encoding, and with our Squeeze 10 release, available Fall 2014, we are adding support for 4K/UHD encoding to enable video professionals to get ahead of the curve and begin experimenting with the various 4K/UHD formats.

Sorenson’s Squeeze 10 Desktop and Server 3.0 products add HEVC and VP9 encoding, both of which enable preliminary 4K/UHD support. Users will find 4K/UHD encoding presets using both the H.264 and x265 video codecs, allowing users to begin experimenting with this new resolution and begin preparing for the workflow of the future.

What we at Sorenson find particularly exciting is how, unlike the move from SD to HD, video streaming is actually leading the charge in terms of 4K/UHD services and content. The delays in 4K/UHD broadcasting open a wealth of opportunities for video content owners of all types to deliver services and content to a quickly growing number of Smart TVs, Laptops and Monitors. Additionally, many newer Smartphones and Digital Cameras are actually capable of recording 4K/UHD video, which will create a huge upsurge in 4K/UHD content.

Sorenson Media has been a pioneer in the video industry for nearly 20 years and with 4K/UHD support in our Squeeze 10 product we urge our customers, both current and future, to be pioneers and seize the 4K/UHD opportunity.


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