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Red5 Pro: View From the Top 2019

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Achieving Milliseconds to Millions

Low latency has now become the number one concern with live streaming. While others in our industry talk about reducing latency to 3 to 5 seconds, we don’t think that’s good enough. Truly interactive live video needs realtime responsiveness, which is why Red5 Pro measures latency in milliseconds. Most importantly, these realtime video streams have been proven in the real world. In fact, we recently ran a test from Streaming Media East achieving round trip, glass-to-glass latency from NYC to Paris in 180 milliseconds.

While achieving best in class, award-winning latency is one thing, getting it to scale to millions of viewers is quite another task. One of the biggest innovations our team at Red5 Pro has achieved, is the ability to scale WebRTC on cloud or private networks.

As a WebRTC based, hosting agnostic solution, our customers are no longer stuck with high latency, CDN-based, HTTP delivery. The reason that Limelight Networks, Sony, The New York Times, Nokia, and Google trust us for sub-second latency video streaming is very straightforward: we deliver on our promises.

I’m very excited about the future of live streaming and where it’s heading. Our customers are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with everything from live drone streaming, 360º cameras, live auctions, eSports, and more. These use cases are just the beginning, and I predict that in 2020 we will start to see some of the most interesting uses of live interactive content ever seen. If you are looking to differentiate your live streaming product, you’ll need realtime latency so reach out to us or simply sign-up and download our 30-day trial.

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