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RAMP: View from the Top 2013

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The RAMP Manifesto: Video is the New Document

RAMP has developed the next generation of search & video experiences to make video more valuable. We believe that videos are the new documents, and that the use cases & sheer volume of video consumption will continue to grow at an incredible pace for the foreseeable future. And we’re not the only ones: Cisco’s 2013 VNI study predicts that globally, consumer Internet video traffic will be 69% of all Internet traffic in 2017. And according to Gartner, the best result for more than 50% of searches at Global 2000 companies in 2017 will not be a textual document.

However, video isn’t without its challenges. Almost all content systems – CMS, Search, Knowledge Management, Training, Compliance, and so forth – are designed for text. So, a new approach is needed. We believe:

• Videos should be as searchable as documents - down to  the scene and keyword level;

• Videos should be secure & take advantage of existing user authentication;

• Videos should be as easy to produce, publish and share as documents;

• Videos should be aware of and make use of the enterprise social graph;

• Videos should be accessible across devices & platforms;

• Videos should have as much context as a document, if not more, by leveraging the fact that a video has a timeline with rich metadata;

• Videos should generate meaningful results – whether that’s more stream starts, clicks through to related content or advertising, leads, certifications, problem resolution, or compliance

RAMP was fortunate to be born with a body of world-class technology that turns videos into documents, unlocking all of their value. Our secure, cloud-based approach for indexing, hosting, streaming, and publishing video content connects to a wide range of enterprise systems and transforms how our customers communicate and engage with prospects, customers, employees, and the world. We are solving the critical and growing challenge of making video valuable for our customers around the world.

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