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Qwilt: A View from the Top

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Open Caching Unlocks the Value of the Carrier Edge

It’s an honor to be named to the Streaming Media 50 for the second year in a row. It’s also a validation of our vision of a better model for streaming. Over the last 12 months we’ve continued to deliver on our goal of building the world’s largest, highest performing, unified CDN to serve premium content from publishers across the globe.

In the last year we’ve onboarded many new service providers – large and small. As each partner joins our global, federated CDN, the benefits to content publishers increase, allowing them to reach more viewers; as more publishers come on board, the viewing experience becomes measurably better for consumers, increasing the demand for streaming. And so on.

The virtuous cycle of the open caching ecosystem is working and growing, unlocking the value of the network.

We’re appreciative of those service providers who joined us early – including BT, Telecom Argentina, Telecom Italia, and Verizon – getting the cycle started; as well as those that have joined the movement in the last year, such as Airtel with 400+ million subscribers in India, Windstream, and 100+ NCTC members across the US. As our global CDN expands to reach millions of new end users each month, content publishers who require high-quality content delivery are seeing the value of open caching and are coming on board at an accelerating rate.

The technical and commercial building blocks to scale the internet for a streaming future have been laid and everyone is poised to reap the rewards.



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