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PeerApp: 2015 Online Video Industry Prediction

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It has been an exciting year for streaming media! We are proud to have played our part in helping operators navigate forward. As we look to 2015, PeerApp has three predictions around OTT:

1) “Broadband first” customers will continue to impact the market

Customers expect media and entertainment over broadband —on any device, anywhere, at any time. This trend is causing a sea change in the market, as evidenced by the recent flurry of direct OTT offer announcements in both the US and Europe, as content publishers rush to meet demand.

2) Service Providers will find ways to retain customers and open new business models

Traffic scale and increasing QoE expectations are driving a need for an open approach to ‘last mile’ caching and solutions such as those PeerApp provides. Operators are also looking for new ways to capture revenue from the value chain. In 2015, operators will demand broad, open platforms that span content caching, live streaming, network optimization, policy control, analytics and charging AND enable collaboration with OTT CDNs and content publishers. It goes without saying that these have to be effective in both fixed and mobile networks.

3) ‘Last mile’ delivery becomes virtualized

‘Last mile’ caching and open content delivery solutions, such as those PeerApp provides for both fixed and mobile networks, are clearly moving closer to the edge. There, a combination of intelligent programmable networks (SDN) and virtualization (NFV) will increase operator efficiency even further.

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