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Ooyala's 2015 View From The Top

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In 2015, Ooyala took big steps forward in executing our strategy to deli-ver the most comprehensive platform for managing, distributing and monetizing personalized cloud TV. Since our founding in 2007, our focus has continued to be on helping premium brands, broadcasters, media companies and operators reduce operational costs and complexity, while using big-data analytics to increase audience engagement and maximize revenue.

To execute against that strategy Ooyala invested heavily in ad tech, launching Ooyala Pulse, our ad server, and Ooyala Pulse SSP, our programmatic trading technology, into the US market and abroad following our acquisition of European ad tech leader Videoplaza in late 2014. While our video platform is designed to help companies build and engage the largest possible audiences across all screens, our advertising solutions help maximize the value of that audience. Because of the joint solution, we’ve had immediate demand from the market, adding customers such as The Onion in the US, Atresmedia in Spain, and TV3 in Ireland. Further, we added anti-ad blocking technology to help our customers unlock millions of ad impressions — and the subsequent revenue — that otherwise would have been blocked.

This year, we launched Ooyala IQ, a breakthrough analytics product that provides multi-dimensional analysis of video consumption metrics in an easy-to-use interface, for real-time insight and works seamlessly across desktops and mobile devices; we were thrilled when Ooyala IQ won the Best of Show Award At NAB 2015.

In 2015, we also made our second acquisition with UK-based company, Nativ, adding its media logistics software platform, Mio, to our portfolio. Mio is a scalable and robust media logistics platform that cost-effectively manages content and business processes from production to delivery.

Our strategies from product innovation to acquisitions is to ensure our customers thrive in the post-TV era as the world’s collective definition of TV and video blurs across multiple devices. Technologies and measurement tools for content delivery and monetization must evolve. This is the future of every broadcaster, media company and operator around the world and what we’re dedicated to deliver.

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