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Online Video Industry Forecast 2012: Front Porch Digital

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[This sponsored article appeared in the December 2011/January 2012 issue of Streaming Media magazine.]

Front Porch Digital has been helping the world's major media companies manage their precious video assets for more than 10 years. Continuous innovation and development has seen us move from delivering the trusted archive solution, to being at the heart of media companies' file-based workflows and integrated into the myriad systems necessary to run a modern broadcast operation effectively.

However, broadcast is changing and we need to help our customers adapt, so we are poised to build on the revolutionary online services we delivered in 2011 by further embracing cloud technologies and delivering a whole new cloud-based product line in 2012 we're calling LYNX. At its core LYNX will have the latest version of DIVArchive, which offers the industry's only truly open-file system, and unmatched scale and capability.

Our mission: create the bridge between high quality, traditional content storage management (CSM) systems and the complex world of globally distributed multichannel, multiscreen delivery, through a single, seamless, integrated workflow.

DIVASolutions, coupled with LYNX, offers the first integrated and optimized infrastructure for media enterprises - as a technology deployed onsite with dedicated resources that deliver the utmost in efficiency and automation, or in a hosted environment that leverages the latest cloud technology for task distribution and virtualization; or, uniquely, as an integrated solution that combines both worlds.

LYNX represents an opportunity for organizations to manage media assets on a global scale while massively improving efficiency and continuously evolving with ever-changing business goals. In 2012 we'll put the power of the cloud in our customers' hands.

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