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Online Video Industry Forecast 2012: DVEO

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[This sponsored article appeared in the December 2011/January 2012 issue of Streaming Media magazine.]

Streaming video, like every other segment of the multimedia industry, started out highly differentiated and based on proprietary technology.

Today the industry is undergoing a transformation thanks to Moore's Law. Once again proprietary DSP and ASIC based encode-transcode engines are being supplanted by the ever-increasing throughput of Intel's standard CPUs.

DVEO is a first mover on several fronts. We are among the first to embrace Open Source embedded Linux® coupled with Intel Sandy Bridge Multi-Core CPUs. We move very quickly since the whole industry segment is constantly evolving.

With this strategy we can offer extraordinary scalability - today we offer a micro, a mini, a midi, a maxi, and a "Brutus" model. Each model has an ever-increasing number of cores, yet each appliance runs the exact same application. Our unreleased Brutus blade model has up to 120 cores situated in a 4 RU rack. Each blade module can transcode six HD streams. Our basic price for a system with 10 modules is very competitive with other high-end encoders/transcoders.

DVEO is a well established supplier to the Broadcast, Cable, and Telecom industries. The secret to our health, vitality, and longevity is constant evolution. We definitely see the industry growing by leaps and bounds in the coming year.

We like to partner with leaders in the CDN marketplace, streaming services, and cloud based re-streaming providers. We are also looking for investments from corporate strategy partners who can take us to the next level.


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