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Mux: View From the Top 2019

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Why Mux sees a healthy community as the industrys biggest strength

When I first started working in the video industry as a developer, it was terrifying. The best resources appeared to be textbooks bigger than any of the ones I’d had in college, and the barrier to entry felt like a hazing ritual that no one (even the old guard) wanted. After moving to San Francisco I started looking for meetups in the video space and instead found a million JavaScript, Rails, Cobol, and semicolon meetups, so I started SF Video Technology. Soon there was one night a month where I was spending the evening talking and learning from other insanely smart, friendly engineers that were building some of the most impressive video tech in the world.

The people that make up that meetup are special. In some cases we’re colleagues, competitors, even dear friends at this point, but as a group we’re a human, approachable interface to some of the hardest problems on the internet. Community is important to Mux because we’re largely a product of the community.

The founders built Video.js, a hugely successful open-source player, and the SF Video meetup has spawned a conference (Demuxed) and nearly 20 other meetups around the world. These open developer communities started from a small idea, but took on invaluable lives of their own thanks to many smart, enthusiastic people noticing and caring enough to contribute. Now, I hope that a new video developer in San Francisco, Tokyo, or wherever can first learn about what wavelet codecs are (and why they’re relegated to the 80s) from an ffmpeg contributor over pizza. Mux wants to continue to do what we can to foster and encourage the video developer community because a strong community allows all of us to grow and learn while building and improving amazing projects and companies.


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