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MANGOMOLO - Executive Predictions for 2018

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2018 GO OTT or GO HOME

While 2017 was an exceptional year for OTT adoption, 2018 is going to witness a faster growth momentum with the smaller broadcasters and publishers streaming their content online. Our aim at Mangomolo over the past few years was to make OTT available for every publisher and broadcaster no matter how big or small through providing them with a full ecosystem that includes an AI Powered OVP Backend Part with the Transcoding Services, Realtime Audience Analytics and Behavioral Statistics, etc… moving into the client side apps for smart devices/tvs or computers and also providing them with a marketing tool that allows them to create short form engaging videos very easily and publish them to social networks and other distribution channels. This has made OTT within the reach of every publisher and in just few weeks and everyone can start making more money starting with the smaller YouTubers that publish viral short form content to bigger broadcasters and networks.

The Focus for 2018 is pushing the bars of innovation and integrating AI into OTT to facilitate the workflow and to better understand audience behavior. Our main implementations of AI include Speech Recognition with On the Fly translation, Topic Extraction to automatically understand what content is about and for automating the meta data process and eventually building topic audience relationships and topic Advertising relationships. Second screen integrations are also increasing which is giving advertisers a more interactive way to engage with captive users. On the AD Serving Perspective we expect more players to adopt SSAI to increase CTRs and Conversion. 

Wissam Sabbagh


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