Limelight Networks: Executive Predictions 2019

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Low latency live streaming will continue to be a major topic of discussion in 2019. Why? Because it’s essential for live sports, online gaming and to just about anyone who wants to enjoy a great live online video experience. 

One of the biggest complaints with watching live sports and other realtime events is the delay between the broadcast feed and the online stream. Live online streaming is typically delayed 30 seconds or more from the broadcast, leading to situations where viewers may learn about an important play from social media before they’re able to see it online. 

Limelight has solved the complex problem of delivering sub-second latency live video globally, at scale, with Limelight Realtime Streaming. Broadcasters and other live content distributors can now stream live video from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world in less than one second, ensuring online viewers enjoy the action at the same time — or possibly even before — broadcast viewers.

The next challenge? Developing live interactive experiences that engage global audiences. For example, giving sports fans realtime statistics about the game or their favorite players, allowing them to wager on which team or player will score next, or letting them choose which camera angle they want to view right from their computer or mobile device. Adding realtime interactive data with live video also means online gamers can have an integrated chat channel with their video, and fans of eSports can participate in event commentary along with the live in-arena audience. 

Making live viewing a more interactive social experience opens up a world of possibilities for how viewers can interact with each other and with content distributors. It gives broadcasters additional opportunities to monetize their live video content by offering value-added experiences in ways that were not previously possible. Many industries can benefit from this capability, and you can expect to see a new generation of live, immersive, content-rich applications in 2019.


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