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Successful OTT Publishing Requires a Functional Business Model

Our industry is stronger than ever and just keeps growing, with new OTT publishers joining the ranks of media companies and organizations daily, who leverage instant media-management and multi-platform publishing across all devices and screens, new and old, large and small.

This brings up a new challenge. While established media corporations and organizations already have a solid business, new content producers and distributors often face typical startup-challenges and early growing pains, ranging from business competency and consultation, or the lack thereof, to sufficient funding for all areas of their new business: content production/acquisition, distribution, marketing and administrative overhead.

While many arrive in the OTT space with decades of experience and a solid team with all of the core competencies on board, others enter the landscape with the dream of rapid cash-flows without a business plan, leading to fast, and lasting, success. Yes, such miracles have happened, but they are far between. In most cases, it does require the basic ingredients of a successful startup recipe, including sufficient funding, the needed competencies, an innovative edge and a professional and realistic business plan.

At Lightcast.com we enjoy working with startups and we are not afraid to take on the projects of new content creators and distributors with an added dimension to our Customer Service: an intuitive, complimentary business consultation process for media startups. Our many well established customers even offer free insights, best-practices, and sometimes offer business patronage to new media startups. It is no sign of weakness for startups to leverage the experience of others and be taken under the wings of an established organization. In some cases, the right consultation and business plan can become the “make or break” point of new OTT publishers. For this year, and upcoming years, I predict that the need for awareness about the importance of a business plan and go-to-market strategy, will continue to grow among new players in the OTT space. And this trend will make our industry even better, stronger and continuously bound for growth.


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