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Lightcast.com: Executive Predictions 2019

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At Lightcast.com we predict two trends for the year of 2019 to grow continuously: 

First, new OTT applications in new verticals are rising, changing how non-tech, or low-tech, organizations utilize ConnectedTV and OTT opportunities. 

Second, sustainable and alternative business strategies for publishers will become increasingly important, especially among young content producers and startups in the streaming space. 

During 2018 we have seen new types of OTT publishers from new verticals arriving on the OTT landscape and predict that this trend will be ongoing throughout 2019. At Lightcast.com we have solutions for even the most unique use-cases and publisher profiles and a wealth of ideas on how to leverage ConnectedTV platforms for unique strategies which we are happy to share with publishers who inquire with us. In 2019 multi-platform OVPs and OTT providers will have to be prepared for unique requirements and have innovative solutions ready for even the most unique use-cases. Furthermore, non-tech or low-tech organizations are in need of intuitive, user-friendly media management systems like the Lightcast Media Cloud, enabling even administrative staff to upload, transcode, store, manage, deliver all media, streams, images, metadata and sidecar files, as well as to manage dynamic navigation structures across all sites and apps in real-time. Non-tech, and low-tech, organizations joining the ranks of OTT publishers require easy-to-use tool sets without the need to hire additional developer or engineering resources in house.

In addition, we predict that alternative business and revenue strategies will be explored and tested among publishers increasingly. Too often publishers run into limitations with traditional monetization models such as subscriptions, PPV or advertising. In the process, sometimes valuable time and funds are burnt on an extensive trial & error learning experience, or detours which may have been avoidable with the right check-list and business consultant as a sounding board. Lightcast.com’s experienced consultants offer free consulting service in regards to OTT and multi-platform revenue models, including alternative, or supplemental, strategies in addition to traditional subscriptions and advertising. 


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