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Lightcast.com - View From The Top 2017

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Strategy wins!

Wow, this industry is exciting! At Lightcast.com we simply love good tech and innovative streaming solutions. Nothing excites us more than the media projects of our clients and the solutions we get to contribute. It is what keeps us up at night and gets us going at crack of dawn. But what is it really that drives us? For me personally, it is our clients’ viewership growth – the maximization of reach and impact through efficient multi-platform delivery.

But a successful OTT strategy doesn’t always come easy, or instantly. While the development and deployment of apps can be a speedy process, the actual business strategy behind a new OTT venture requires planning.

Last month, in a client’s conference room on the other side of the planet, I was reminded again, just how important the different planning stages are – not just the initial conversations about OTT and new opportunities on new platforms – but also careful planning in anticipation of expansion, new markets, new revenue streams. After days in the conference room, we had a fantastic plan for the successful OTT roll-out in new multi-lingual markets, attractive to premium advertisers, with all factors anticipated and well thought through.

A successful OTT strategy simply takes brainstorming, valuation of all options and a financial model with realistic forecasts. Many apps on the leading OTT platforms may look similar, but the business plan behind them can contain dozens, if not hundreds, of moving pieces, options and questions which lead to specific solutions. Several years ago, during the early stages of the OTT revolution, it may have been sufficient to quickly launch OTT apps as cheaply as possible, but today, in a much more competitive OTT landscape, strategy wins the game.

Which is why: “nothing excites us more than the media projects of our clients” - the fuel, which powered our engines in 2017, and which will drive us in 2018.

-Andreas Kisslinger, CEO - Lightcast.com

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