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Introducing OBSBOT Tail Air and Tiny 2 (Live Demos)

We're super-excited to present the OBSBOT Tail Air PTZ Streaming Camera and the OBSBOT Tiny 2 4K. First, we'll go through some feature sets and some use cases for the Tail Air, and then we'll do a live demonstration and then we'll begin to talk about the Tiny 2 towards the end. As you can see, they're very compact cameras.

obsbot tail air and tiny 2

If you're not familiar with OBSBOT, it's important to know that it was founded in 2016. It is a division and a brand of Remo Technologies. The core focus is AI videography. They have a number of different patents, including over up to 100 patents that are pending. Mobile Video Devices (MVD) is the North American distributor for select OBSBOT products, including the Tail Air and Tiny 2.

OBSBOT Tail Air and Tiny 2

Tail Air Key Features

So there is a deep and rich history of this camera technology with a focus in AI. As we'll see throughout these demonstrations of the Tail Air its outstanding video performance. You're going to have features of 4K/30 and 1080/60.

obsbot tail air ptz features

One of the things that I like to highlight a lot is it's not just the sensor and there's a fantastic sensor behind us, but it's also the eight-piece lens system. A lot of people talk about the glass that sits in front of the sensor, and that can really help things. Of course, the camera features things like HDR and AI image enhancement where it can automatically adjust exposure for the face as well as the background. It also has laser focus with time of flight technology, which provides a very rapid and very accurate focus for the face or other objects that you can tap to select.

And then of course with a 1.8 inch ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor, it has fantastic low-light performance, which gives you a little bit better detail and it also reduces the noise that's in the image. And as I mentioned with Remo focusing a lot on the AI part of this, it has fantastic AI auto tracking, not just for people but also other objects and animals. So if you're an animal lover, this is a great camera to follow your dog around the living room or outside as you're doing demonstrations, say for maybe dog training or horses if you're doing that type of stuff in an arena.

The other thing for AI is its Director Grids. We'll see a little bit of this, but when you have multiple people in a frame, it'll automatically select those frames out and you can tap between them and then gesture your control.

So with this, I can do hand gestures, you can turn them on and off, and that will enable disabled tracking, recording, or even zooming in dynamically on a subject.


Along with that comes a lot of connectivity. Tail Air is primed and suited to feed into other production systems. As we're seeing here, we have Tail Air in this demonstration feeding into a Magewell Director Mini as well as vMix. It does that because it has a lot of different IO for it.

OBSBOT Tail Air Connectivity

First up is the Wired AV interfaces. It features a micro HDMI as well as USB interfaces to serve as a webcam. It also supports NDI|HX3, which is great for feeding into Director Mini, and then it has wireless and wired networking. There are even accessories such as this USB-C to ethernet that provides power that's available for this. And how we have this camera run in our studio today is over that Ethernet adapter with PoE support.

Of course there's a comprehensive SDK and I'm going to tease something that is not many people have seen, but something that the team at Magewell and OBSBOT have been working on together. Of course, it's versatile in streaming, so it can stream to destinations through the app. And we'll go over that in just a few workflows here. But it's a really natural process to be able to do these type of productions. It can record locally through an SD card slot and you can select the card size that you want do. And then of course it features a built-in battery.

Tail Air Live Streaming Workflows

Here's a diagram of how this could be laid out in a really compact multicam production. And when I say compact, I truly do mean this. You can see me holding up the camera in the figure below alongside an iPhone 14. It's very, very small package with the build-in battery to be able to do all of this.

OBSBOT Live streaming workflows

But as you can see here, the camera can be connected in a number of different ways into video switchers or external monitors. It can go through your router. You can access this camera through the mobile app for streaming via RTMP destinations like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or others.

Then, of course, you can even plug in a microphone. It has a 3.5mm jack, so you can insert a small shotgun mic or maybe a DJI mic with a little lapel. So there's a lot of versatility. And then, of course, it also has the optional remote control that's available for these devices. And so I can have all of my cameras up on here recalling scene presets and moving the PTZ of the camera around.

So, here's a short video showing some of the features I can't demonstrate in a studio, then a demo will follow.

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