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Intertrust Technologies: View from the Top 2020

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The emergence of live streaming as a crucial component of OTT video services has spawned unprecedented online piracy. Reversing this worrisome trend requires a new, innovative approach that goes well beyond security platforms optimized for an on-demand viewing environment. To ensure robust content protection in this new era, Intertrust offers the ExpressPlay Security Suite, comprised of digital rights management (DRM), anti-piracy services, and broadcast security.

Intertrust pioneered the open-standard Marlin DRM with Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Sony. Based on the Marlin foundation, Intertrust created the cloud-based ExpressPlay multi-DRM service, which uniquely supports all major DRMs, and is complemented by ExpressPlay XCA with unified security for broadcast and OTT streaming. Both enable monetization of valuable assets while reducing CAPEX and OPEX investments. Fulfilling MovieLabs’ Enhanced Content Protection requirements, Intertrust is an expert at UHD and premium programming licensing and often guides customers through the complex process. 

Today’s streaming solutions are required to perform at a high level—to maintain user experience and secure premium content. OTT providers must scale up live services quickly to meet bursts of DRM license requests. ExpressPlay’s scalability is proven in the premier live streaming platform in India with 25M+ concurrent viewers, and in China’s largest video service with 100M+ monthly active users. 

The ExpressPlay Security Suite offers forensic watermarking complemented by advanced anti-piracy services. By monitoring the web and identifying illicit re-streamers, it facilitates the rapid elimination of re-streaming sources during live events.

For limited access use cases such as transportation and hospitality, ExpressPlay DRM Offline enables secure streaming to authorized users with access to premium content through an offline multi-DRM platform. Moreover, the premier white-box cryptography solution, whiteCryption, enables apps to run in zero-trust environments while protecting keys and shielding applications from reverse engineering and tampering.

ExpressPlay Security Suite provides content protection with the robustness and flexibility essential to stanching losses to piracy for a long time to come. Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation, or visit our Resource Center.

Intertrust Technologies, Inc.

920 Stewart Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Phone: +1 408 616-1600

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