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I2I MEDIA - Executive Predictions for 2018

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Having secured our first Russian customer, what better then to go there and bag some more whilst the iron was hot.

Of course I could have chosen a better date because there was plenty of the fluffy white stuff on the ground, but nothing that a trusty Lada could not plough through. After a few days urban ice surfing, I had a call from Sjoerd asking for some predictions for 2018.

Frankly, I didn’t have a clue so it was time to ask the locals if they knew of any soothsayers or general fortune tellers. I was directed to a monastery where this very old chap was introduced. Apparently he was part of the Putin family because he seemed to be called Mr Rasi-Putin or Rasa-Putin or some such other tongue twister.

Although he keep banging on about how he could cure my ailments in the bedroom department, he did predict:

  • As attendances fall, expect some cinema chains to eye up the launch of their own VOD solutions 
  • More content producers starting their own standalone streaming services rather than relying on aggravators like Netflix
  • A bun fight between the studios and the Netflixs’ of this world as the studios realise how valuable their content is
  • More terrestrial channels to follow BBC3 by going online only 
  • New codecs to better compress 4k video
  • More short form content to plicate decreasing attention spans 
  • Better targeted content derived from online monitoring
  • Someone from China to make a $100 million offer for i2i Media

Philip Radley-Smith


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