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Inconcert for Personal Devices lets users use their mobile devices to simultaneously record a live or VOD event—a first for mobile devices. Despite the use of sophisticated technology, it’s simple to use. No downloading or installing a native app, thanks to Inconcert’s web-based user interface. Content is synchronized using proprietary technology to ensure two or more cameras display content at the same time. Once processed, content is available on users’ computers or mobile devices, where viewers can switch back and forth between cameras to watch their preferred camera angle. Users get live streams equal to or better than those produced with expensive cameras.


Users can also take advantage of the capabilities of the Inconcert platform for live and VOD event streaming—encryption features for secure payments, multiple camera angles, and optimized device management for superior streaming experiences—and they can monetize livestreams through paywalls, banner ads, or pre-roll/mid-roll ads.

“We have been working with IdeaNova on the original launch of the Inconcert platform a few years. This latest addition of being able to record on personal devices will make production of shows and live events much more accessible and affordable.” said Dewey Kasko, owner of RK Lighting.

“Inconcert is perhaps the most advanced live event streaming platform that I have seen,” said Chris Pfaff, CEO of Chris Pfaff Tech Media, and a leading strategist in the streaming industry. The value of Inconcert for producers and viewers is its superior device management and security features; it brings a new level of professional production capabilities to mobile streaming.”

For those who want a more immersive experience

Inconcert for Personal Devices is perfect for those who want to provide a more immersive recording experience. It gives viewers the option to enjoy different viewing angles and better orient themselves within the event. With the latest enhancement, Inconcert becomes available for a much larger audience of end users, social network influencers, or parents that record and share their kids’ performances.

IdeaNova is also targeting a wide range of companies including established corporations that would like to use Inconcert for Personal Devices as a white-labeled product.

Technical Specs

Currently processing up to 4 cameras

Each camera can record at 4K @60 fps HDR streams

End users receive content using multi-bitrate encoding.Encoding is based on event configuration, typically with two video streams at 720 and 480 resolutions for amateur events

IdeaNova | https://www.ideanovatech.com/ | JURAJ SISKA, CEO | info@ideanovatech.com

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