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We’re seeing three trends defining the media landscape in the coming years – content owners taking tighter control of their content monetization, a focus on thin bundles and OTT affording the audience a long promised level of choice, and a completion of the migration from linear broadcast channels to on-demand IP video channels.

There is neither a shortage of compelling content nor screens consuming it. Video distributors must deliver exceptional user experiences to remain viable in such a competitive media environment. Bandwidth will always be finite, successful media will be mindful of users’ bandwidth limitations – both what’s available to the user at the current location and how much the user can consume.

At EuclidIQ we continue to devote the lion’s share of our R&D to improving the image quality of encoded video while lessening its bandwidth load. As we’ve deployed IQ264 we’ve learned we are well suited to address content owner’s distribution and monetization challenges. It’s an exciting time for our company as we bring Optiiq.ly, a new OTT platform that opens new business models to content owners previously excluded from that space.

At Streaming Media West, we are also announcing Uptiiq, a service for social media video publishers. As the industry evolves so too must its tools.

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