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Epiphan Video: Executive Predictions 2019

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The AV industry as we know it, is a disparate ecosystem of products and services. The current solutions depend on the expertise of AV integrators to allow these products and services to work together. There is considerable complexity and multiple points of failure in this model. I see a future where infrastructure as a service (IaaS) fills the gap and empowers individuals and companies to build their own autonomous video ecosystem under one umbrella.

This approach would offer key advantages over the current model. By minimizing the amount of local hardware and balancing the CPU/GPU processing between edge hardware and cloud, the costs would decrease for capital expenditures, cloud processing, and energy use. The main advantage however, would be a much more convenient, centralized, and efficient AV production workflow. 

If we reimagine AV integrations as IaaS, turnkey solutions, we can see this sets the stage for an explosion of complimentary cloud-based services. This opens the door for current and future technologies to enhance video in countless ways through AI analysis, automated production, transcription and accessibility services, and so many more value adding tools.

To this point, video technology companies have built an impressive array of video production hardware and cloud services that include AI and machine learning technology. The next challenge will be to combine the best of all worlds, without burdening the customer with complex and failure prone workflows. The potential benefit of such a solution would lead to a wider adoption of new technologies and an increase in video production at all capacities.


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