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EZDRM, Inc.: View from the Top

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A Simplified Secure Streaming Future with CMAF

I’m writing this fresh from the incredibly energizing experience of IBC 2022 – the first truly international conference in the post-COVID era. At the show we could see several examples of long-standing technology efforts bearing fruit in actual commercial deployments.

Of these, I want to focus on CMAF as a current hot topic. The CMAF standard specifies several technical initiatives, which help to unify the previously disjointed streaming delivery worlds of MPEG-DASH and HLS. The accelerating momentum behind this standard seems to signal a sea change in comprehensive security, unified streaming delivery operations, and live stream latency reduction.

For our customers and the industry as a whole, CMAF is a future-facing solution. CMAF-related content preparation workflows and media origin file optimizations take full operational advantage of the benefits of this format.

But closest to our heart, of course, is the security unification in CMAF. It encompasses both standardized video encryption and an effective manifest data structure for security. This seems so central to the future of the streaming industry that we are introducing a new tier of DRM service to complement the wide use of CMAF and extend our easy-to-use DRMaaS profile: EZDRM Universal Complete DRM.

CMAF also builds a solid foundation for secure low-latency video delivery, including the very promising High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP) that we firmly support. HESP advances the effectiveness of CMAF low-latency techniques to offer the sub-second latency and fast startup that are a must for today’s demanding consumers.

Of course, the EZDRM team would be happy to help you out with any questions you have on these topics.




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